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Archive for the ‘Available to partner’ Category

Sustainability Policy Partners

Posted by Debra Rowe

Human and Physical Geography

Posted by Catrin Lewis

MA Globalisation, Business and Sustainable Development

Posted by Charlotte Kitchener

Environmental Social Science

Posted by Racheal Brangan

Market research into reuseable nappies

Posted by Zoe Coote

Research into Home composting

Posted by Zoe Coote

Sustaining food waste prevention behaviours

Posted by Zoe Coote

BA Geography

Posted by Giorgia-Leigh Knox

Business and Marketing BSc

Posted by Connor Meen

Conservation & Environmental Management

Posted by Lauren Gillis

MBBS Medicine (Accelerated)

Posted by Felicity Allman

BA Geography

Posted by Sara El-Dahshan

Branding furniture reuse in Hampshire

Posted by Zoe Coote

Food security and sustainability

Posted by Frances Logan

The impact of the physical learning spaces on student’s performance and wellbeing

Posted by Eleonora Piga

Nutrition, health and the environment

Posted by Verity Thomas

BA geography with placement year – Buildings and Construction

Posted by Euan Wylie

MBBS Medicine (Accelerated) – Mental Health

Posted by Felicity Allman

Global inequality and/or sustainability

Posted by Henna Emilia Tammi

Different cultural adaptations to climate change

Posted by Camille BĂ©nard

Mental Health

Posted by Felicity Allman

SOS-UK Placements

Posted by Meg Baker

Popular Music Journalism

Posted by Charlie Miller

Improving healthcare practices: oncology and haematology

Posted by Isabella Hibell

Covid-19: Should companies be advertising during a pandemic?

Posted by Charlotte Baidoo

Decarbonising the British funeral industry

Posted by Kathryn Ikin

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Posted by Nicolas Rodriguez

A gendered approach to time poverty in urban environments

Posted by Sophie Beckett

Sustainability and Adaptation

Posted by Kathryn Ikin

Sustainable Construction/ Decarbonising Railways

Posted by Suzanne Kimman

BASc Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad

Posted by Frances Osborne

SURFING: A unique opportunity for improving ocean literacy and conducting coastal based microplastic citizen science

Posted by Natalie Fox

Computer forensics & cyber security

Posted by Luke Mallett

Climate Crisis

Posted by Steve Hallett

Food governance and urban food systems

Posted by Alexandra McMillan

Online Gen Z Portal

Posted by Gayle Cajee

Schools Comms for Gen Z

Posted by Gayle Cajee

Sustainable Healthcare Video/short film project

Posted by Meg Baker

Renewable Energy / Emissions Reduction

Posted by Sam Stevens

Behavioural science and digital nudges

Posted by Karolina Kaczmarek

Energy Management Systems

Posted by Mehdi Jafari

Evaluating staff/patient engagement with sustainability actions in a healthcare environment

Posted by Meg Baker

Evaluating the Impact of sustainability Actions in a Healthcare Unit

Posted by Meg Baker

Sustainable Business Models

Posted by Angelo Fagiani

Researching extent ESD has been embedded into curriculum at UEA

Posted by Kieya Arshia Rajasegaran

Rethinking Economics

Posted by Meg Baker

Attitudes and barriers to recycling

Posted by Meg Baker

Evaluation of staff travel and impact on CO2 emissions

Posted by Meg Baker

Sustainable Hedgerow Management

Posted by Meg Baker

Mindfulness and exercise in green space

Posted by Meg Baker