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Evaluating staff/patient engagement with sustainability actions in a healthcare environment

Posted by Meg Baker

Evaluating the Impact of sustainability Actions in a Healthcare Unit

Posted by Meg Baker

Sustainable Business Models

Posted by Angelo Fagiani

Researching extent ESD has been embedded into curriculum at UEA

Posted by Kieya Arshia Rajasegaran

Rethinking Economics

Posted by Meg Baker

Attitudes and barriers to recycling

Posted by Meg Baker

Evaluation of staff travel and impact on CO2 emissions

Posted by Meg Baker

Sustainable Hedgerow Management

Posted by Meg Baker

Mindfulness and exercise in green space

Posted by Meg Baker

Design and creation of wildlife information boards

Posted by Meg Baker

Ecological Surveying

Posted by Meg Baker

Development and evaluation of environmental impacts of wildflower meadows

Posted by Meg Baker

sustainability within the fashion industry and consumer buying behaviour

Posted by Lucy Lowther

Sustainable food, community growing, urban farming, urban food production

Posted by fenella walsh

Analysis and critique of urban planning systems in Glasgow

Posted by Robin Duval

Sustainability / climate refugees / sustainable consumption

Posted by Jessica Klaver

English Literature, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Posted by Oakley Flavell

Global Business

Posted by Laura Draghici

Promoting equal opportunities in the workplace (visible and hidden disabilities)

Posted by Joshua Ray

Linguistic and Language-based dissertation

Posted by Melanie McGhee

Communicating about environmental sustainability in the health professions

Posted by Aaliyah Burns

Sustainability and adaptation

Posted by Oliver Shotton

Landscape adaptation and Ecosystem Services

Posted by Bethan Nowell

MA student looking for a range of opportunities

Posted by Jack Ruane

Worms for Sustainable Waste Management

Posted by Anna de la Vega

Organic Horticultural Practice

Posted by Anna de la Vega

TBC – sustainable food production and supply chain, sustainable food security, rewilding

Posted by Demelza Blick

Rehabilitation of prisoners serving IPP sentences

Posted by Daisy Brock

Sustainability (tbc)

Posted by Suzanna Jones

Artistic Responses to Climate Change

Posted by Annabel Bryant

Inclusion in education from a philosophical perspective

Posted by Georgia Robins

Local development (Coventry), social justice and sustainability

Posted by Suzanna Jones

Use of theory of change and co-design in evaluating nature based mental health project outcomes

Posted by Helen Meade

How CASNPT helps towards Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Posted by Meg Baker

How CASNPT helps towards Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Posted by Pat Dunmore

Business and Sustainability.

Posted by Kristina Pugh

MSC Real Estate Management

Posted by Simeon Sembu Koroma

Shifting ‘On-the-go’ culture away from reliance on disposable coffee cups in ‘closed-loop environments using a reusable cup system

Posted by Hollie Ryan

Sustainable Energy

Posted by Valeria Reinoso Lopez

Business Startup

Posted by Abigail Hills

Sustainable Buildings OR Sustainable communities

Posted by Sophie Evans

Exploring the motivations and marketing behind business-focused guides for reducing single-use plastics

Posted by Annabel Personeni


Posted by Jodi Hatherall

Recycling/ waste

Posted by Megan Youngs

Economic development, business innovation, data science, and design engineering

Posted by Patrick Laske

Popular Music Journalism

Posted by Charlie Miller

Helping Community Organisers produce films and stories of ‘community organising in action’ (Paid placement)

Posted by Nick Gardham

The Bay Trust: Outdoor Learning Through Nature- a creative marketing project (Paid placement)

Posted by Meg Baker

The Bay Trust: Improving Web based Marketing and design for environmental education and health and wellbeing (Paid placement)

Posted by Meg Baker

Livewell Southwest – Innovation and technology for problem solving and efficiency (Paid placement)

Posted by Meg Baker