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Create Organisation Project Opportunity

  • This is what will show up in the search results. Include a project title or theme here so people can see the different opportunities your organisation is listing.

    You can create an opportunity on our For Good platform for free, however in order for it to be published and go live we will need to formalise your membership through our organisation membership registration process. **LINK**
  • The location of your organisation or the part of your organisation taking part in this project.
    Teleconferencing and video-conferencing make it far easier to partner with students based far away, so our suggestions won't be limited by your geographical location. But we know that sometimes there are limits to what can be done remotely, so it is useful to know where you're based.
  • The name of the lead contact at your organisation. This will most likely be you, but you can write someone else's details in here if they should be contacted to form partnerships instead.
  • The email address of the lead contact. We will contact this address regarding partnerships and the organisation's profile. Your email address will not be visible from the front end of the website, it will be used by SOS-UK to stay in touch with you where necessary.
  • (optional) This will be useful to follow-up with you on any email communications. It will not be visible on the front end of the website when the opportunity goes live but will be used by SOS-UK to stay in touch with you where necessary.
    We will NEVER pass your details onto any third parties. Your data will only be shared between NUS, your organisation and university or college students and staff you request to be partnered with. Your data will only be used in relation to the For Good opportunities you have stated an interest in. We'd like to contact you occasionally with information about Dissertations for Good or about our department's sustainability work. Please tick the boxes below if you would like to receive this information.
    Please indicate if you are offering a flexible project proposal whereby the students have the opportunity to suggest a direction of the project that you may agree with them based on it also benefiting your organisation. Alternatively please indicate that you have a specific project opportunity available.
  • A brief headline about your organisation and the nature of the project* you are looking for partnering with a student on.
    *Projects are the practical or design/creative projects that students will do as course work or in the co-curriculum. If you are promoting a research project please complete the 'dissertation/ research form'. This will be displayed to the general public (anyone that hasn't registered).
  • Enter a detailed summary of what you're looking for in terms of a practical/creative project. This will only be displayed to registered users. Entering more information in here makes it far more likely that you'll get partnered because it will help us suggest partnerships, but you can say that you're open to suggestions.
    It is useful to include information regarding support, facilities, training, materials or budget you may have for this.
  • The category of your project. Students will see this category when searching for possible projects to match up with.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
    You can add a photo that's relevant to your project. This will be displayed on the homepage of the website when partnered with a student.
  • Enter or update the number of students partnered with this organisation. Only use numbers.