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For Good

Employment, family and sustainability

Organisation name: Fastn
Organisation location: United Kingdom
  • Business & HR
  • Campaigning & advocacy
  • Equity, equality & inclusion
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development Goals
Type of opportunity:
  • Project
  • Placement
Short summary: Fastn seeks to change how as a society, we prioritise, discuss and act to support families -of all shapes and sizes- to thrive. We work with youth organisations and the education sector to get relationship learning prioritised so that every one of us can consider the relationships ambitions we have for life and be supported to achieve these. Our polling shows that this matters at least as much as work aspirations, to young people and we don't believe something as vital as relationship learning should be left to chance. Some pioneering research and engagement supported by the RSA and Oglesby Charitable Trust has provided an evidence base and appetite to address family as a core ESG issue. We are ambitious to change how organisations think, discuss and act on this issue, scaling up a national conversation and triggering actions that will bring change. We are looking for a driven, passionate, organised and adaptable person to help us!

Neuroscience has demonstrated that the relationships we experience, particularly early in life, have a significant impact on our future life outcomes. Recent ONS data has also confirmed that when family and key relationships are working well, they are the leading factor supporting our resilience through tough times. Our research, has highlighted the key role employers and organisations play in influencing whether families of all forms, thrive or not. The Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as actions that take account of impact on current as well as future generations and we want to strengthen the understanding, commitment and inspiration of employers and corporations to shift the dial on this key issue.

We are currently confirming budget available and are open to discussing the best ways to deliver this opportunity and attract someone who will be the right fit. We are currently in discussion with other potential partners which is likely to result in this brief being finetuned.

The objectives of our overall project are:
1. To scale an urgent and national-level on family as a central part of organisational sustainability practice
2. To partner with 2-3 leading entrepreneurs to further develop their learning, practice and tools to inspire wider system change, inclusive of diverse and dynamic families
3. To partner with leading sustainability and employment groups to scale conversation and action and embed this within their ongoing support to organisations
4. To share learning with government professional bodies to influence future regulation and good practice

We are open to other ideas; our thinking is that this colleague would work with us to develop the following outputs:
- creation of a business case template to support organisational champions to get traction on family as an ESG issue
- creation of 2-3 simple organisational self-assessment tools and processes which inform meaningful organisational improvement
- meaningful and accessible metrics that align with existing ESG frameworks
- strong partnerships with key sustainability organisations (as a result of high quality work and relationship building)
- recommendations for inclusion in influencing activities with investment activists, professional bodies and government consultations on future employment and ESG

We are a micro organisation which works remotely and part-time as business as usual. We have a system of annualised TOIL and flexible working. Employees provide their own equipment. There are many opportunities to learn and develop through the organisation and role including access to some external training and networking opportunities. There will be an expectation of strong planning, problem-solving ability, active listening and relationship building skills. Since we are breaking new ground and influencing from a low starting position, it will be important that candidates are both resilient, self-aware and communicative. We are an inclusive organisation with a strong commitment for all families -whatever their make up or circumstances- to thrive.

UN Sustainability Development Goals
  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Reduced Inequalities
When does the project start? 23/08/2021
Status: In progress