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Egni Co-op solar rooftop share offer

Organisation name: Awel Aman Tawe
Placement opportunity: Egni Co-op solar rooftop share offer
Location: Cwmllynfell and Carmarthen
Type of placement: I'm offering a specific placement
Short summary: Egni is a co-operative, Egni (‘Energy’ in Welsh) which supports the development of rooftop solar energy in Wales We currently have 179kw of rooftop solar on seven sites which were installed in 2014-15 and has been operating successfully since. We are the same team which raised £8.25m for a community wind farm, – this was funded by a £3m co-op share offer and a £5.25m loan from Triodos Bank. The Awel wind farm was commissioned in January 2017. Our projects generate clean energy and tackle climate change. All profits from Egni will go into further educational projects. Through our co-op structure, we provide the opportunity for ordinary people and organisations to invest in a sustainable future and get a reasonable rate of return – for Egni, this is projected to be 4%/year for 20 years with capital being returned gradually over that term. We have won multiple awards for our work.
What I am looking for: We will be opening a new Egni Co-op public share offer on May 28th as we are planning a large expansion of Egni upto 5,000kw of roofs across Wales. A summary of the Share Offer is here, and an animation to advertise it is here. The sites include schools, universities, community buildings and businesses. We have gone to our existing members and already raised £300k in 10 days towards the share offer which helps build momentum for when it goes public. The Student Placement (s) will be focused on promoting the Share Offer through social media, press, films, animations and any other ideas to as wide an audience as possible, locally and across the UK. S/he will be working alongside and supporting experienced staff. There are also potential projects which could be developed as to how the Egni business model and the data from the solar farm might be used within curriculum materials in schools and universities.
Placement category Climate change
Status: Completed