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For Good

Online Gen Z Portal

Organisation name: SwopItUp
Project title: Online Gen Z Portal
Location: London
Type of project: I'm looking for a specific project
Short summary: SwopItUp is a cool Clothing Exchange for Teens by Teens in secondary schools - representing real environmental action, keeping clothing in use for longer, and developing environmental leaders of the future. SwopItUp enables teenagers to take impactful action on climate change, and introduces a shift for Gen Z towards slow fashion based consumption habits. SwopItUp supports young people with personal environmental action and education, and further upskills across other key areas.
What I am looking for: SwopItUp was started in one secondary school. It is teenager led and developed. It is rapidly growing to a network of secondary schools, and it is important that the students at these schools can connect with one another, see the impact that they are having and also that they can all continue to shape the way in which SwopItUp develops as it grows. The Online Gen Z Portal - is a critical project to support this – key areas: 1) An online portal where the students most interested in being involved with SwopItUp can communicate, access and share information – SwopItUp Club. 2) Utilising tools for collective intelligence, so that Gen Z can be remotely involved in the growth of SwopItUp, and in being instrumental for change and action. 3) Results sharing, so that schools and individuals can easily see the direct impact that their involvement with SwopItUp is having. The portal should be fun, exciting & drive involvement from the target age group, supported by research.
Project category Environment
When does the project start? ASAP
Status: Available to partner with