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For Good

Worms for Sustainable Waste Management

Organisation name: The Urban Worm
Project title: Worms for Sustainable Waste Management
Type of project:
Short summary: We are social enterprise dedicated to promoting vermicomposting (worm farming) as the sustainable solution for organic waste management and organic growing practices. Worm manure contains all essential nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms for healthy plant growth and disease suppression and the process of worm farming is an efficient and low cost process for managing organic waste.
What I am looking for: For students working on food surplus projects to integrate worm farming into the process and for students to establish worm farms onsite, reducing the universities environmental impact. Full training will be given and worms will be provided. Worm farming can be practised on a low budget utilising upcycled materials and simply requires commitment and a small amount of time. Worm manure produced will then be donated to local community gardens and relevant projects.
Project category Waste management & recycling
When does the project start? ASAP
Status: Available to partner with