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For Good

AGB landfills

Name: AGB landfills
Category: Waste management & recycling
Location: Dublin
Project summary: We are also open to relevant suggested ideas: Areas of interest are:  
  • Use of closed and capped landfill sites (we have some space, heat from the landfill and gas which is currently contracted to generate electricity.
  • Remote monitoring of surface water, ground water, gas, etc:
  • The remote monitoring of fugitive gas, use of drones etc:
  • Fugitive gas pathways and ways to stop, divert, dissipate, movement of odours of different types.
  • Measuring odour, remotely.
  • Building landfills, infrastructure, alternative materials etc:
  • PR around working with the community, activists, Local Authorities, enforcement agencies etc:
  • Psychology around community, activists, Local Authorities, enforcement agencies, serial complainants etc:
  • Legal and planning; this will need some more internal discussion within the company.
  • Use/reuse of specific waste types that we are currently licensed to take.
  • Business; could be about sustainability, waste flows and predictions, commercial, use/reuse of wastes currently licensed.
Detailed summary: As above. The areas above are for discussion. We would need to hone the title and scope so it fits both your course needs and our requirements. We are open to post graduate dissertations as well.
Number of students partnered with:
Current status: Available to partner with