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For Good

Attitudes and barriers to recycling

Name: Devon NHS Partnership Trust
Category: Waste management & recycling
Location: Dawlish, Devon
Project summary: Devon NHs Partnership Trust have an active sustainability working group at their beautiful Green space site, Langdon Hospital, near Dawlish. The working group are keen to see more staff engaging with the recycling systems on site and in order to do so they appreciate better understanding of engagement and barriers needs to be gathered. We are seeking a student to partner with us for a piece of research that you can turn into recommendations to the Trust. We would like to understand the attitudes of our staff to recycling, identify any barriers they may see to engagement with our existing recycling systems and gain recommendations on how to increase recycling rates based on the information you obtain. Your research approaches and methodologies are open to discussion and we support you in developing an approach that suits you and will support your own research requirements for your course.
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Current status: Available to partner with