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For Good

Canal and River Trust (General)

Name: Canal and River Trust
Category: Any
Location: Milton Keynes
Project summary: The Canal and River Trust is a big organisation that covers England and Wales. We have a huge range of departments which range from marketing, engineering, ecology, heritage, education, youth and much more.

Please feel free to look on our website to find out more about us:
Detailed summary: We are one of the UK’s biggest charities, we maintain 2,200 miles of historic canals, rivers, docks and reservoirs. This is along with museums, archives and the country’s third largest collection of protected historic buildings – preserving them for future generations. On top of maintaining 2,000 miles and rivers, we are responsible for an enormous network of bridges, embankments, towpaths, aqueducts, docks and reservoirs and more. We improve towpaths for cyclists and create new wildlife habitats to maintain our infrastructure.

From hydrologists to historians and ecologists to engineers, our experts work together to ensure that every time you step onto the towpath you experience the best the waterways can offer. An enticing natural environment, a refuge where nature and history can exist alongside each other, ready for you to discover. That is why we want to offer students the opportunity to do research in key areas which as well as impacting the environment will also make a huge difference to staff and the community.
Number of students partnered with: 1
Current status: Available to partner with