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For Good


Name: Catch22
Category: Any
Location: London
Project summary: Innovative research to understand the wider impact on service users and their community of our young people’s substance misuse services. Catch22 knows that our substance misuse services have a huge impact on people’s lives. We know from an individual qualitative perspective that this impact can reach across criminal justice, sexual health, family engagement, resilience, emotional wellbeing, education, training & employment amongst many. We also know that we work with young people with higher than average vulnerabilities. We need research to demonstrate the wider impact that we have on individual’s lives and the wider community by capturing their on-going successful outcomes.
Detailed summary: Catch22’s substance misuse services are required to systematically collect and report data to Public Health England as part of the national monitoring of substance misuse delivery, this data is collected in conjunction with commissioner (contractual) requirements. All of this information is held in a third-party database which is geared to report mandatory NDTMS statistics. The key indicators show that we work with a higher than national average of young people with wider vulnerabilities such as those with mental health problems, are looked after children or are NEET. Meaning that our services are having a wider impact on marginalised individuals. Building on the range of data that is held in our Hampshire and Surrey substance misuse case management systems we would like a piece of research which offers a comprehensive picture of the wider impact that Catch22 has on the positive outcomes for individuals and the community in which they live through our range of interventions and support. Catch22 want to further refine and define our position as being a specialist provider of young people’s substance misuse services, rather than ‘substance misuse’ services in general to both adults and young people. We believe that in order for services to be successful in making a real difference to peoples lives they need to be tailored to meet individual need, and age appropriate. We need the evidence to prove this. We want to demonstrate to commissioners that young peoples services should be a) stand alone, and tailored to meet need and b) can make wider impact on peoples lives, not just addressing substance misuse but supporting vulnerable young people with wider issues (to improve longer term outcomes).
Number of students partnered with: 0
Current status: In progress