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For Good

Met Police (Welfare officers in licensed premises)

Name: Central Licensing Team, Metropolitan Police Service
Category: Any
Location: Central London
Project summary: Research and analysis of the role of a welfare officer in licenced premises with a conclusion of whether they are effective.
Detailed summary: Research into the role of welfare officer in Licensed Premises -

Would the role be enhanced by the wearing of industry standard identifiable clothing? What would the appropriate clothing (t-shirt/tabard and colour of garment) for a welfare officer be?

Would the industry venues and Security Industry Association (SIA) companies support a welfare officer being in place in Licensed premises?

Are statistics available as to how many welfare officers are employed/volunteering in Licensed premises nationally?

Are there any records available for the amount of interventions made by Welfare officers and if so why were the interventions required (intoxicated, aggressive, tired and emotional)?

Is there evidence to show that there has been a change in the number of ejections from venues using Welfare Officers?

Is there evidence to show that there has been a reduction in Crime reports linked to the venue?
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