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Driver behaviour and introduction of mannequin style bollards – Midlothian Council

Name: Midlothian Council
Category: Any
Location: Midlothian
Project summary: We are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled undergraduate or postgraduate student to undertake a field based dissertation in Midlothian. The dissertation will focus on the mannequin style bollards installed near Mayfield Primary School and the effects they have on driver behaviour. The 4 bollards, decorated (as 2 boys and 2 girls) in local school uniform, were installed in March 2017 to raise awareness of the area being a school crossing point. There is a high volume of traffic in this area and it had been highlighted in the Midlothian Travel Plan process in 2016 as one that parents felt improvements could be made. The cost was £423.95 per bollard, the total project expenditure was £1,695.80 The student will look at whether these bollards have been effective in highlighting the school crossing area and changing driving behaviour compared to other school traffic calming measures. This is the first time mannequin bollards have been used in Midlothian. The student will work alongside school staff, pupils, parents, police and council officers and members of the community council to collate feedback and determine the safety value of the mannequin bollards. There will be an opportunity for the student to refine and shape the project.
Detailed summary: School children were having difficulty crossing the road near to the school, due in part to the volume of traffic, the school entrance being on a corner and the proximity to McSence Business Park. Many drivers are new to the area as they visit the business park and don’t have local knowledge of there being a school nearby. The bollards aimed to increase the awareness of the school.Prior to the installation of the mannequin bollards, parking and traffic issues were discussed with the school management team, the parent council and Midlothian Council.This project will involve working in partnership with school staff, parents, pupils, police officers and local authority staff to assess the current installation and how it may influence future safety features.The focus of the project is to determine the practicality of this type of traffic calming measure compared to other types.The next Midlothian Travel Plan will include specific questions about these bollards to further evaluate their value.The project will use learning and research from elsewhere and innovative practices in other areas.
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