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For Good

Ethical Supply Chains and Brand Engagement (consumers, marketing and business engagement)

Name: NUS
Category: Business & HR
Location: Macclesfield, London, Remote working
Project summary: National Union of Students have a massive consortium of trading partners, organisations and businesses we work with to provide Students and Students' Unions with clothing, supplies, food, drinks and a whole range of other goods. As a transparent organisation that wants the best for both the thousands of students we represent and for those all the way down the supply chain, we are constantly working to ensure we do this successfully.

We have a number of potential projects (see below) open to students and open to ideas.

Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Detailed summary: Working in partnership with NUS and our Purchasing Consortium to develop and evaluate engagement with ethical supply chains.

• A review of approaches to ethical supply chain management for purchasing consortium/businesses – what works and what doesn’t work to ensure suppliers are performing to required ethical and environmental standards. This would likely involve accessing a number of organisations to interview reviewing academic research on approaches.

• Key ethical and environmental issues by category (e.g. travel, food and drink, electronics) – identify the key ethical and environmental issues by category and determine how the different hotspot issues influence the best approach to supply chain management.

• Brand loyalty –Will sales decrease for student unions if we stop stocking ‘big name brands?’ in name of improved ethical, more traceable and local supply chains?

Investigate and run consumer research trial to identify if in-store messaging can drive demand for higher priced Fairtrade clothing?

Number of students partnered with:
Current status: In progress