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For Good

Families Against Violence

Name: Families Against Violence
Category: Any
Location: Manchester
Project summary: I work in the Mosside and Hulme areas in Manchester. I work closely in the BME community. The charity provides diversionary services for young men and Fathers to avoid joining gangs. I started the charity after I lost my 16 year old son and wanted to do something positive to prevent further families going through the same thing. FAV also fights for equality and opportunities for people from the BME community. Part of my work on the front line in the community has been to the bridge gaps in relationships between fathers and sons. Many young people who join gangs stem from having either poor relations with the father, or having no father present in their lives.
Detailed summary: I would like for some research around absentee fathers/ fathers with poor relations with their sons contribute to young men joining gangs or entering the criminal justice system. I want something that back up my business model with theory and evidence so that I can evidence the facts against what my organisation delivers. I would also be interested in some research that highlights the disproportionate access to to opportunities for people coming from BME communities which would help me highlight the importance of the charities work.
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Current status: Available to partner with