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For Good

Greener Jobs Alliance

Name: Greener Jobs Alliance
Category: Education
Location: South London
Project summary: Analysis of the current provision of climate change education / awareness raising in the UK trade union movement. Comparative assessment of provision in other labour movements. Developing a model for the effective delivery of climate change education in the UK trade union movement.
Detailed summary: This dissertation would seek to explore 3 related areas.

1. Reviewing the current state of play in the UK on the provision of climate change education in the trade union movement. The TUC has attempted to introduce the subject in both its short course provision as well as on its diploma programme. An Open College Network unit has been developed to provide accreditation. The approach has been to have both stand alone courses as well as integrating into the Health and Safety training programme. Some individual unions have also offered a programme of training. The dissertation would examine:
~ how much training has been provided by both individual unions and the TUC
~ variations over a 20 period between 1997 -2016
~ factors that have impacted the provision over this period.

2. Assessment of provision in a selected number of other countries. The dissertation would examine:
~ training being provided in a range of countries (to be determined)
~ lessons for UK provision

3. Draft a delivery model for UK trades unions. The dissertation would examine:
~ options for increasing the quality and quantity of provision using case studies/ examples from other countries
~ actions required to deliver the above.

This description still lacks detail and there is ample opportunity to discuss the content with members of the Greener Jobs Alliance prior to any decision.
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