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Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership

Name: Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership
Category: Health & wellbeing
Location: Northampton
Project summary: Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership, Family Action, and Engage Antenatal CIC is delivering a 3 year funded project by the Big Lottery Fund to improve the outcomes of 300 families suffering from perinatal mental health issues, by providing intensive parent infant therapy (psychotherapy), a perinatal home visiting programme and a antenatal education programme.

Our hopes over the three years is to integrate our work into health care and challenge and change the way perinatal and infant mental health is cared for at both a provider and strategic level over the three years. We are seeking a dissertation student to analyse the impact of the programme, assess its efficacy and to track the long term health outcomes for children and their parents against a comparative cohort of parents not using the service (not a RCT, but statistical comparators).

This would ideally suit someone studying psychotherapy, health analysis, child development, mental health, or other psychodynamic disciplines. Research will be used widely with significant ramifiications in the NHS nationally.
Detailed summary: I am looking for a student to work alongside NorPIP to analyse and compare clinical data and parent surveys, conduct analysis of 300 parents views of the programme, conduct interviews with parents, allied health care professionals, referrers and strategic decision makers to measure attitudinal change in the programmes as well as a change to the overall environment in which we operate.

We are seeking a dynamic student who is confident in dealing with vulnerable people, ideally able to communicate across diverse and broad sections of society, this student will be liaising with top level decision makers in councils and health with whom we have an ongoing relationship with, as well as families who have experienced maternal or paternal mental health issues as well as issues bonding with their babies. The student will need a good grounding in understanding and comparing clinical data as well as hard data, soft outcomes and hard outcomes, be prepared to use creative interviewing skills to conduct field research, and feel confident in looking at mental health impact and outcomes.

We use a range of clinical tools- HADS, PIRGAS and ASQE as well as conduct referrer evaluations. The programme is also strategically trying to change the way public health and maternity services treat patients with mental health issues and develop colloborative pathways and thus there will be some analysis required, including senior decision makers, to consider the future impact of maternity mental health and wellbeing across the Northamptonshire population.

The research is attached to a ground breaking project, one of the first of its kind across the country and the research will become a very influential document, we also have several ministers interested in our work in central government who will be reading the outcomes of the research.
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