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For Good

NUS (Intersectional campaigning)

Name: NUS Divest-Invest
Category: Campaigning & advocacy
Location: London
Project summary: Given that the NUS have now taken up supporting Students’ Unions to campaign on divestment and reinvestment alongside People and Planet it would be interesting to partner up with a student to explore the ways in which the campaign intersects with other struggles for social justice.
Detailed summary: This could involve exploring any campaign interests of yours, from feminism to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Questions and aspects of this that might be interesting to explore are: What are the shared themes? Are the tactics used and the arguments made similar in nature? Is there an underlying theme that intersects them all? Would uniting across campaigning boundaries be a force for more fundamental, societal change or is it necessary to keep them separate to achieve respective aims?
Number of students partnered with: 0
Current status: Available to partner with