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For Good

Organic Horticultural Practice

Name: The Urban Worm Community Interest Company
Category: Sustainability
Location: Nottingham
Project summary: We are a small social enterprise committed to promoting vermiculture as the sustainable solution for organic waste management and organic regenerative growing practices. Worm manure contains all essential nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms for healthy plant growth and disease suppression and through research we want to demonstrate this and raise the profile of this underdeveloped process.
Detailed summary: We are looking to trial our worm manure on the growth and development of plants in comparison to commercial inorganic fertilisers, and/or compare the nutritional quality of produce. In addition to traditional horticulture there is opportunity to trial worm manure in hydroponic systems, known as vermiponics. This has not yet been introduced in the UK, originating in Australia the process provides an alternative to conventional chemical inputs that come part and parcel with the growing practice.
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