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For Good

RBCH (Site habitat mapping)

Name: The Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Category: Any
Location: Bournemouth Hospital
Project summary: We are looking for a student to undertake site habitat mapping- including neighbouring biota.

The Hospital site has a diverse range of habitats.
Detailed summary: The Royal Bournemouth Hospital is home to a range of biodiversity, which has been further encouraged through the continued improvement of our green spaces over the last couple of years. The Hospital lakeside is a popular location for a number of bird species including herons, moorhens, woodpeckers, cormorants, swans and kingfishers. The lake itself harbours a range of coarse fish species such as koi carp, mirror carp, grass carp, and ornamental goldfish. Bees, butterflies, and other insects have also been attracted to the site through the development of a wildflower meadow on the far side of the lake. This area is closed off to staff and patients, and is currently being managed by a dedicated member of the Estates team. In addition, there are other pockets of wild-flower meadow situated around the site which have purposefully been left to grow freely.

Over 30 bird boxes and duck houses have been built using recycled wood which was otherwise destined for disposal. These have been situated around the site, including the lakeside, wild-flower reserve, and a green space between two car parks at the rear of the site. One of these bird boxes has been inhabited by a colony of bees, and there are plans to move them into a new beehive which will be sited in woodland at the rear of the site and managed by a member of staff who is also an experienced beekeeper. Several duck houses have also been sited on an island within the lake, which has had a positive impact on the amount of ducks we are seeing on-site; in 2015 the Trust even witnessed the successful breeding of several pairs of moorhens residing on the island.
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