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For Good

Reducing travel emissions of nursing teams

Name: Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
Category: Any
Location: Hampshire
Project summary: Reducing travel emissions from community nursing teams through design and rollout of an interactive web-based car booking system.
Detailed summary: Our Trust has a number of community nursing teams who are using about 60 pool vehicles to visit our service users throughout Hampshire. The use of the pool cars is hit and miss because we don't have a central booking system, so we don't always know where the cars are and whether they are being used or not. As part of the dissertation we would like an technology student to develop the web-based booking system that our Trust can use to manage our pool cars and then assess the environmental impact the booking system has had in terms of reducing our travel emissions. Our Trust's Environmental Manager will be available to support the student undertaking the dissertation in terms of information or data required to help them to develop the web-based booking system and assess the environmental impacts before and after the tool has been rolled out.
Number of students partnered with:
Current status: In progress