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For Good

Sustainable Land Trust

Name: Sustainable Land Trust
Category: Sustainability
Location: Burrough on the Hill
Project summary: Development of suitable set of indicators to show the organisation's impacts on ecosystem services and benefits to health and wellbeing of vulnerable people.
Detailed summary: The Sustainable Land Trust aims to be a central voice in promoting the benefits of ecosystem services to society. This is achieved through a number of activities including:

Formal education to vulnerable children in secondary schools
Professional training for people in the environmental, ecological, land based and commercial sectors
Community development and regeneration
Research into a range of innovative methods to plan and manage land sustainably.

We would like a student to review the current methods of monitoring ecosystem services and making recommendations that will enable the organisation to apply these methods continuously. The research will include a gap analysis of which ecosystem service methods are currently being used effectively within the industry, and those that are not (reasons why).
Number of students partnered with: 0
Current status: Available to partner with