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For Good

The #2minutebeachclean Project

Name: #2minutebeachclean
Category: Any
Location: Cornwall OR Remote working
Project summary: 1/ analysis of beach litter data gathered by people using the #2minutebeachclean app
2/ analysis of the use of social media for positive change using data from our social media channels
Detailed summary: 1/ We have an app that is gathering data from people doing their #2minutebeachclean. It can be anywhere in the world, but mostly UK based. As it can be used anywhere by anyone it is as 'real time' as any beach litter data available. To date litter has been logged at 800 locations. With the app users can specify a location and log types of litter. On a simple first analysis we showed that 1/3 of beach litter comes from 7 items we all use every day such as single use bottles and wet wipes. We are looking for someone to analyse this data fully so we can see patterns, locations specific problems and tackle polluters where the data tells us they exist. We would be looking for short reports that can be used to further our campaign as well as top line facts to present to polluters, to gain funding and to promote better plastic usage. We believe our app is a very powerful tool and we need help in publishing the results. This is a unique opportunity and will be used to encourage and enforce change.
2/ We have had almost half a million mentions on Twitter. That's as much as we know. We need to assess the impact of our campaign through social media by analysing our stats, engagement and reach so we know how much we are achieving, how things have grown and where we should focus our efforts in the future. We'd been looking for reports, top line figures and an analysis of our position in the marine litter community. A great opportunity.
Number of students partnered with:
Current status: Available to partner with