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For Good

The Scout Association (Lived experiences of people in Scouting who identify as women, black, LGBT or disabled)

Name: The Scout Association
Category: Equality & inclusion
Location: Chingford, London, E4 7QW
Project summary: The Scout Association develops skills for life in over 460,000 young people across the UK, supported by nearly 200,000 adult volunteers. However we face a number of challenges in ensuring our everyday adventure is available to everyone, no matter what their background. We want to change that by understanding the lived experiences of underrepresented groups in Scouting, so that we can remove any systemic or cultural barriers that they face when joining, staying, leading and mixing within our Movement.

We are looking for research into the lived experiences of adults and young people in Scouting who self-define as women, black, LGBT, disabled, or come from a lower socio-economic background, with the aim of understanding how we can be more representative of the communities in which we work.
Detailed summary: Our Movement is volunteer led, with a rich heritage that is both our biggest strength, but equally a significant barrier to change. Any research will need to be deeply evidence based and conducted with sensitivity and understanding. Any researcher will be required to comply not only with their own institutions ethical policies, but also The Scout Associations safeguarding policies.

We are also interested in the views of similar demographics who have not joined Scouting, although presume this would be a much harder research ask.

The researcher will be supported by our Strategy & Change Manager (Inclusion) with full access to previous evidence and research. There is an opportunity for a limited number of questions to be included in our annual impact survey reaching ~5,000 12-24 year olds, however please note that because of the challenges outlined above, securing an appropriate sample size for underrepresented groups is challenging. There are also numerous events that young people and adult volunteers attend that can be used for qualitative methods. Please note that we do not have any formal expertise in research methodologies and so will require a reference and contact with the researchers supervisor for quality assurance purposes.
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