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For Good

The Woodland Trust (Biodiversity in ancient/veteran tree hotspots v. standalone trees)

Name: The Woodland Trust
Category: Any
Location: Grantham, Lincolnshire
Project summary: A study comparing biodiversity in ancient/veteran tree hotspots (i.e. historic gardens, old parks, old field boundaries, etc) compared to an ecological study on stand-alone ancient/veteran trees.
Detailed summary: It would be useful if there was some form of study that compares the biodiversity of ancient/veteran trees in an area considered to be a ‘hotspot’ for ancient/veteran trees (so basically an area with a good population of them) versus the biodiversity of an ancient/veteran tree that stands alone with no other ancient/veteran trees in its vicinity. So essentially a study into whether there is typically a greater biodiversity of say saproxylic invertebrates or fungi on ancient/veteran trees when there is a good population of them about.
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