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For Good

The Woodland Trust (Impacts of housing adjacent to ancient woodland)

Name: The Woodland Trust
Category: Any
Location: Grantham, Lincolnshire
Project summary: Research into the impacts of development (housing) adjacent to ancient woodland.
Detailed summary: Research the impacts of housing on adjacent ancient woodland (referred to by the rather grand title as the housing forest interface!). We would like to have a replication of the work done in Canada. This is really good because it tries to quantify how far (in metres) the impacts of adjacent housing goes into the woods, and then what can be done to stop this. We would like this research to include a British example.

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People is a project led by the Woodland Trust with over 55 other partner organisations. We are creating a Tree Charter to speak for every tree and every person in the UK, and to celebrate the value of trees in our lives. The partnership with the NUS allows this dissertation research, to raise awareness of the value of the UK's trees and woods.
Number of students partnered with: 1
Current status: Available to partner with