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For Good

Use of theory of change and co-design in evaluating nature based mental health project outcomes

Name: Railway Land Wildlife Trust
Category: Health & wellbeing
Location: Lewes, East Sussex
Project summary: The Railway Land Wildlife Trust works in environmental education and social inclusion. Based in the Linklater Pavilion on the Railway Land Local Nature reserve in the heart of Lewes, we provide hands on opportunities for all members of the community to connect with the natural world in diverse ways. We want to carry out research to develop our evaluation system for our mental health project, Wellbeing in Nature, based on the principles of co-design and using the theory of change model.
Detailed summary: We are looking for a student whose research will support the development of our evaluation system for the Wellbeing in Nature project, providing therapeutic nature based activities for people with poor mental health. This would include the collation and analysis of qualitative outcomes data, researching diverse approaches and situating findings in the broader social context. Having completed a pilot project in 2018-19, we have now secured funding from the Lloyds Foundation, and researching and developing rigorous evaluation that is appropriate to the project participants and which they are involved in devising is one of the key areas for the next year. The project is based on co-design and participants are involved at every stage. Participants have put forward initial ideas for the collection of qualitative data. We are also interested in using the theory of change model to give the project in a wider context. There is a high level of research expertise amongst staff and Trustees.
Number of students partnered with: 0
Current status: Available to partner with