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Placements (about)

Placements for Good connects talented university and college students with forward thinking ambitious charities, public-sector organisations and businesses to work in partnership for social, environmental and economic benefit.

2018 – 19 was the year of our exciting new pilot delivery of Placements for Good. We had a limited number of universities and colleges taking part in the South, South West and South Wales. During the pilot year placement partnerships were only open to students from participating institutions to ensure we could provide high quality support and development opportunities. Find out more about the pilot and feedback from students and organisations here.

For 2019 - 20 we are really pleased to announce that students from all universities and colleges in the UK can now access the placements area of our For Good platform. All placements will need to pay a minimum of the Real Living Wage to support accessibility to such important development experiences for all students regardless of their financial circumstances. We know that placements can provide vital experience to students, giving them a step-up in their careers upon graduation, we also know students can bring a huge amount of value and positive impact to the organisations they work and this needs to be recognised across sectors.

For our 2019 - 20 pilot we ran a 1 day pre-placement training day for all participating students. This is an additional bolt-on to For Good membership that universities, colleges and organisations can opt in for. Please get in touch if you would like to explore this opportunity further.

Pathways for Good training can include the following areas to enhance student skill sets and support transition into the work place:

Professional training

  • Employer expectations
  • Communication skills
  • Professional conduct
  • Team working
  • Leadership skills

Sustainability training

  •  Exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  •  Conducting a sustainability audit
  •  Intrapreneurship
  • Leading change



Students are invited to create a placement profile and start searching for a possible placement opportunity.

If you are a university or college staff member and would like to see how membership can support your students to get more active support in finding placements, please get in touch and see our membership overview.