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genetics, also got a degree on architecture and 3d animation

Posted by Alfonso

Environment and Climate Change

Posted by Jacob

Masters In Management

Posted by Ajinkya

Environmental Science MSc

Posted by Lewis

Geography ba

Posted by Isabella

Civil Engineering

Posted by Ryan

MSc Advanced Computer Science

Posted by Chellappa

Bsc Biochemistry

Posted by Tahsina

Criminology and forensic studies

Posted by Dayana

European Business

Posted by Felicitas

MSc International Management

Posted by Kshitija

MSc Food Security

Posted by Manpreet Kaur

MSc International Management with dissertation on Sustainability and Circular Economy

Posted by Kshitija

Mac Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture

Posted by Harshini

Advanced Computer Science

Posted by LI

Msc operations and supply chain management

Posted by Pradhnyal


Posted by Hannah

MSc in Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Posted by Kenneth

Geography Msci

Posted by Francesca

sustainability leadership

Posted by Elinor

Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness

Posted by Tessa

MA History of Design and Material Culture

Posted by Joanna

English & History

Posted by Millie


Posted by Lucy

Cybersecurity – Technology facilitated domestic abuse

Posted by Demelza

Democracy and Comparative Politics

Posted by Kanny

MSc Political Science, Global Governance and Ethics

Posted by Raewyn

BSc Psychology

Posted by Libby


Posted by

Digital Economy; Digital Humanities

Posted by Jessie

Environmental Studies

Posted by Jenna

BA International Development

Posted by Dieudonne

BSc Animal Behaviour

Posted by Yagi

MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

Posted by aishwarya

Sustainability Leadership

Posted by Elinor

Environmental Sustainability

Posted by Samuel


Posted by JonJo

Education Studies

Posted by Amy

MSc Data Science

Posted by Sumakshi

MSc Data Science

Posted by Sumakshi

Human Geography and Environment

Posted by Elisha

Global Sustainable Development

Posted by Megan


Posted by Alasdair