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A baseline assessment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
A comparison between the design and construction costs of green buildings in the UK compared to conventional code-compliant buildings
A Critical Review on Current Climate Change Information for Building Adaptation
A gendered approach to time poverty in urban environments
A look into the expansion of British Airports: A Strategic analysis of Southampton Airport Masterplan
A study in communication to determine if perception is a factor in differences in communication
A theory-based analysis of London university students’ energy-saving engagement campaigns
Accounting and finance
Accounting and finance
Adult obesity
Air pollution due to aviation
Air quality
Alexander Hudson
Alison Taylor
An Analysis of how Higher Education Institutions in the Global South are addressing the SDGs
An app for customised gaming pads
An evaluation of AGILE reflective narrative tool for measuring employability and enterprise development at HE
An examination of the engagement of UK universities (BSc Geography, University of Exeter)
An Exploratory Analysis of Activities of Social Enterprises in the Northwest of the UK in relation to the U.N Sustainable Development Goals
An investigation to examine the impact and implications of the circular economy system on the management of waste in the construction industry
Analysis and critique of urban planning systems in Glasgow
Animal behaviour and welfare
Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare and Society
Animal welfare law/policy
Anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems
Applied big data
Applying technology to UN Sustainable Development Goals
Aquatics, microplastics, coral reefs
Are bioaugmentation and aeration tablets a viable alternative to traditional silt dredging techniques in canals?
Artificial intelligence, young women and leadership
Artistic Responses to Climate Change
Ba Business Management
ba education
BA Geography
BA Geography
BA geography with placement year - Buildings and Construction
BASc Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad
BASc Global Sustainable Development, Politics and International Studies
Behavioral finance
Behaviour change and climate action
Behavioural science and digital nudges
Biofuels - Energy
Biogeography/ecology/environmental management and change
Biosciences FdSc
BME attainment
Building Services
Business and Marketing BSc
Business and Sustainability.
Business Management
Business Management
Business Startup
Celebrity endorsement: The effects on young females buying habits and self esteem
Change and sustainability in the public sector
changing the higher education system to teach new designers how to have a responsible practice
Charlie Pavey
Chloe Howard-Crabtree
Circular Economy
Civil engineering
Claiming agency in the world-system: Sustainable Resistance Through Chocolate Production in Trinidad and Tobago
Climate change
Climate change, homelessness (social inequality), not yet decided
Climate Crisis
Coffee supply chain
Colonialism and International Volunteering
Comparative study of weather files and buildings
Comparative study of weather files and buildings
Comparative study of weather files and buildings
Comparative study of weather files and buildings
Comparing and contrasting two sexual harassment hearings to investigate race and gender.
Computer forensics & cyber security
Conceptualisation of the Balfour Declaration
Conflict resolution
Conservation & Environmental Management
Conservation in the UAE
Conservation, climate change, climate justice, science communication, conservation psychology
Consumer Behaviour
Coral reefs and marine life
Corporate community involvement/ Social business/ Partnerships for development
Corporate Environmental Management
Corporate environmental sustainability assessment
Corporate governance
Covid-19: Should companies be advertising during a pandemic?
Criminology & sociology
Critical Evaluation of ways Digital Media companies use CSR policies, with regard to the usage by young people
Critical review of current climate change information for building adaptation
Critical Success Factor of Design and Build Project In Public sector in HK
Cross-cultural differences in attention using an eye-tracker
CSR in Construction
Cultural Capital and Education
Culture/ Psychology/ Leadership
Danny Clifford
Data analytics and sustainability