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For Good

BASc Global Sustainable Development, Politics and International Studies

First name: Hollie
University: University of Warwick
Course: BASc Global Sustainable Development, Politics and International Studies
Category: Campaigning & advocacy
Short introduction: Final year Sustainability and Politics student passionate about the role of HE institutions in teaching for sustainability, formally and informally to students and staff.
Education, skills knowledge and experience: I have worked on a number of behavioural change campaigns and projects with environmental charities including Hubbub and Clean Up Britain, tackling issues such as littering, food waste and reducing the consumption of disposable 'on-the-go' packaging. Interested in what universities globally are doing to encourage ESD institution-wide, I worked with renegade economist Kate Raworth researching this and created a report to inspire and encourage more universities to take action and learn from others. I previously led the Marketing and Communications team for BorrowCup based in Australia, an initiative focused on culture and systems-change through encouraging the use of reusable cups in a closed-loop system, dropped at collection points, cleaned and then reused on campus at Monash University in Melbourne. I am really passionate about the importance of initiatives like BorrowCup in the subliminal curriculum, as this is key to changing culture and systems on a wider scale.