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For Good

Biosciences FdSc

First name: Amar
Category: Other
Short introduction: I am interested in working in the science sector so that I can obtain practical skills in handling laboratory equipment and experimental procedures, which are important technical skills necessary for working in the sector which I find fascinating and so I am very much motivated to learn these technical skills and will be pleased to help employees with my skills.
Education, skills knowledge and experience: I have experience when it comes to having scientific skills as I have taken an Applied Science course as one of my BTECs. I have attended The Spires College from February 2012 till June 2018 where I have obtained 4 GCSEs at grades A-C, 3 BTECs at merit level. I have attended South Devon College from September 2018 and I am still attending South Devon College where I am taking a course in Biosciences as a foundation degree.
Status: Not yet started