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For Good

Human and Physical Geography

First name: Catrin
Category: Any
Short introduction: I am a second-year Human and Physical Geography student at the University of Reading from Cardiff. I am passionate about climate change, sustainable development, equality and international relations, and therefore would love to gain some experience in any placement opportunities relating to these subjects. My future ambitions involve becoming fluent in Spanish, becoming a scuba diving instructor and working in a job that increases the resilience of countries to climate change.
Education, skills knowledge and experience: I have 14 A*-A GCSE's, 4A levels A*AAB and am fluent in Welsh. I have experience in sustainability having previously conducted a 2-month internship with a social enterprise in Fiji where I created 10 climate change strategies for the company, in line with the Fiji National Development Plan and the UN sustainable development goals. This involved increasing the resilience of Fiji to climate change through targeting the most vulnerable with my strategies, such as, women in Fiji are x12 more likely to die in natural disasters, as a result, my strategy involved training local rural women as first responders. All strategies were presented in a 70-page document, which included all logistics and goals for the strategies, for which I was praised for my innovative ideas and understanding of the organisation's aims and objectives. I then presented my strategies in the form of a recorded screencast. I have experience in finance and admin, being the treasurer of the Reading University Sub Aqua Club
Status: Available to partner with