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For Good

Popular Music Journalism

First name: Charlie
University: Solent University
Category: Music/ Journalism/ Media
Short introduction: I graduated with a First in Journalism & Media Production from Solent University as of 2020. While at University I've gained experience while using connections, organisation and creativity, I hope to increase my experience and further develop my initiatives. I already have a high amount of writing and illustration experience while working for brands such as Voir Mag, as well as creating my own blog, Land of Credo.
Education, skills knowledge and experience: Education Popular Music Journalism Solent University • Bachelor's Degree, First Skills Creating and coding websites • Production planning and scripting. • Experience in Adobe Audition, Online CMS, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro • Writing press releases, news, opinion pieces, covering interviews and prole pieces/features. • Social Media Management • An understanding of audio podcasts and/or written content production by creating Podcasts • Experience with creating documentaries. Experience: Writer for Voir Fashion Magazine
Status: Not yet started