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For Good

A gendered approach to time poverty in urban environments

Student: Sophie
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: A gendered approach to time poverty in urban environments
Dissertation category: Sustainability
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: Hello! I'm Sophie, and I'm an avid 2nd-year human geographer with a keen interest in sustainability and international development. I recently completed a research project for Friends of the Earth. Outside of academia, I volunteered for 3 months in Tanzania, and have recently started up a not-for-profit enterprise through Enactus that helps vulnerable women in Manchester gain employment and skills through cooking food. I also play netball and sing in a choir!
Detailed summary: I am currently grappling with a wide range of interests related to sustainable development. In terms of content, I am interested in food (in)security, gender, health, inequalities/poverty, everyday geographies and social practice, the SDGs and cartography (I am aware this doesn't narrow it down much!). I'm predominately interested in the Global South but have been advised against doing a desk-based dissertation project, which I am worried has narrowed down my options significantly. One topic I have considered (in light of the current crisis) is the socio-economic disparity illustrated by global pandemics. What interests me most is the everyday understanding of poverty in the developing world, and perhaps looking at a topic like the effect that unionisation has on gender equality in agriculture. I would be interested in any guidance that an organisation could offer me, and would love my dissertation to have real-world application! I am also interested in any placements in sustainability
University: University of Manchester
Course: BA Geography
Partnered with: