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For Good

An Analysis of how Higher Education Institutions in the Global South are addressing the SDGs

Student: Jack Ruane
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: An Analysis of how Higher Education Institutions in the Global South are addressing the SDGs
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: The EAUC put out a request for a student to write a report on how universities and colleges in the Global South are engaging with the SDGs. Since my MA is primarily on education and international development it seemed like a natural match. As the SDGs are very broad I decided to focus on health and to explore intersections the health of humans and the sustainability of natural resources occur. I spoke to universities from Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific and compiled a list of 10 case studies of individual colleges that formed the basis of the report and from which I was able to draw out policy recommendations for the higher education institutions worldwide
Detailed summary:
  • How did your research partnership happen? (i.e. How did you find out about Dissertations for Good and how was the partnership established?)
    I had been told in a UCL international development careers event that sometimes organisations seek out research partnerships with MA students to meet a genuine research need for the organisation. After some searching online NUS Dissertations For Good came up and I found the EAUC partnership there.
  • Why did you decide to get involved with For Good? What did you hope to get out of it?
  Primarily I wanted to get tangible work experience and to get greater knowledge and experience of how an organisation that works within international development works.  
  • Have your experiences matched your original expectations?
  Yes, definitely.
  • What skills have you developed through completing a project with For Good?
    I have learnt how to conduct research on a way that conforms to professional standards of ethics and study design. I now have skills in the process of report writing including using graphic design software to make it look professional. I have demonstrated strong written and spoken communication skills through writing the report and presenting my findings at the EAUC's SDG3 presentation. Finally, in liaising with universities on behalf of the EAUC I acted as a representative for them and therefore wanted to make a good impression of myself and the organisation, and to educate these organisations on the work of the EAUC. Therefore, I developed skills in dealing with external stakeholders.    
  • What knowledge have you gained as a result of completing a project through For Good?
    I have a much better understanding of how the EAUC works and the way in which it supports its members.    
  • What was your highlight of doing a For Good dissertation?
    Getting the opportunity to speak to higher education institutions which are doing innovative things within health and sustainability and to share that knowledge with an audience that would otherwise not have known about them.    
  • What did you find most challenging about doing a For Good dissertation?
    Using graphic design software to make the final report appear professional.    
  • Do you think your experiences of working with your partnered organisation through For Good will improve your chances of getting a job when you leave university or college? If so, how and why?
    Yes. I now have concrete evidence of my skills which I can refer future employers to when considering my application. Without this experience I would come across as a far more inexperienced candidate.    
  • What advice would you give to other students looking to get involved in For Good?
    I would definitely recommend For Good to any student looking to get experience in a field they are interested in. If the advertised placement doesn't seem like a perfect match but you like the sound of the organisation, get in contact and see if they can negotiate on the objectives of the research  
University: University College London
Course: MA Education, International Development and Health Promotion
Partnered with: EAUC- The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education