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For Good

Analysis and critique of urban planning systems in Glasgow

Student: Robin
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Analysis and critique of urban planning systems in Glasgow
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: Analysis and critique of the structures, values and goals of the current urban planning system in Glasgow informed by Theory U sensing journeys and stakeholder interviews. Informing the generation and prototyping of alternative approaches to collaborative placemaking and urban governance processes.
Detailed summary: Urbanisation, redevelopment of old industrial areas, climate change, the urban heat island effect, air pollution, storm water, loss of biodiversity and associated health concerns are leading to mixed use developments, increased urban greening and improved public and active travel infrastructure. However, urban greening measures often lead to increased property value, rent prices and hence the displacement of low-income residents increasing social and environmental injustice. Theory U highlights how current paradigms of economic thought create structures and events which contribute to social division. The U.lab aims to support societal transformation by enabling the co-creation and testing of alternative approaches. This paper will explore how the U.lab could be applied to stakeholders in urban regeneration and placemaking initiatives to increase social equality.
University: Centre for Alternative Technology
Course: Sustainability and Adaptation
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