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Insights into Influences on Personal Sustainable Behaviour: Participation in Formal Sustainability Programmes

Student: Danielle Katz
Status: Completed
Dissertation: Insights into Influences on Personal Sustainable Behaviour: Participation in Formal Sustainability Programmes
Dissertation category: Sustainability
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: To analyze and evaluate the impact of behaviour change theories being used in sustainability trainings.
Detailed summary: Why did you decide to get involved with DfG? What did you hope to get out of it?
I was looking for a dissertation topic that might have a positive influence within the real world vs something just theoretical. I saw the project listed by NUS around looking at Behaviour Change Theories which I was thinking of researching anyway and it seemed like a good fit. The research project expanded from there.
My desire with DfG was to work with an organization to help assist in any research that needed to be done and to make contacts for future employment opportunities.

Have your experiences matched your original expectations?
I did not have many expectations going into the DfG of what it would be like but was happy to have some additional support in addition to my University supervisor. DfG provided the opportunity for me to work with more people and to learn from them.

What skills have you developed through completing a project with DfG?
Developing my research skill set through the surveys and semi-structured interviews that I undertook was the largest skill set attained, as I had little prior experience in that.

What knowledge have you gained as a result of completing a project through DfG?
I’ve learned a lot about Behaviour Change theories and Sustainable Consumption, as well as gotten a much better understanding of the Green Impact program and the Carbon Literacy training. I also understand some of the barriers to individual sustainable behaviour better.

Have you made any changes to your lifestyle as a result of completing a project through DfG? E.g. changed your behaviour to be more sustainable
As part of the Carbon Literacy Training I took as a comparison training, I am working towards reducing my cheese consumption in order to help decrease my Carbon footprint.

If yes, what about the project has prompted these changes?
Taking part in the Carbon Literacy Project training

What was your highlight of doing a DfG dissertations?

I very much enjoyed conducting the semi-structured interviews and talking to people about sustainability, sustainable behaviours, and their barriers to those behaviours.

Looking to the future

Do you think your experiences of working with your partnered organisation through DfG will improve your chances of getting a job when you leave university or college?
I hope so!

How and why?
Being able to say I’ve worked doing research with NUS and Green Impact on cover letters, resumes, and in job interviews may be helpful.

What improvements, if any, would you make to DfG?
I would ensure more streamlined communication from the start. I bounced around through a lot of contacts while getting the project approved and throughout the dissertation itself.

What advice would you give to other students looking to get involved in DfG?
It is very rewarding to know that your research and all the time and effort you spend on your dissertation will not be lost in your University archives and that the work you did will actually have a positive impact on making the world a better place.
I would ensure that the organization you’re working with has the capacity to manage any help you may need on your project and answer the many questions that will undoubtedly arise.
University: Bangor University
Course: MBA Environmental Managment
Partnered with: NUS Green Impact