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For Good

Climate Crisis

Student: Steve
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Climate Crisis
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: For my MA I am specialising in the philosophy of politics and ecology, so far, I have spent more time on politics and power relations so that I have a toolset to apply - I now wish to apply that toolset. I've spent the last 16 years researching a variety of forms of environmentalism, ecology, essentially all things green, and have applied that through working in UoW to remove single use plastic.
Detailed summary: I was one of the student auditors for the Responsible Futures accreditation, worked an internship in the catering department to help with the University's plastic removal project, and as a result of that I now work in the University as the Single Use Plastic Engagement and Mapping Coordinator. I've studied a variety of ways in which ecology and environmentalism are perceived and want to use my skills to play a part in making a positive change to the perception of the Climate Crisis. I want to be part of the positive force that helps society as a whole realise that whilst the Climate Crisis in an impending catastrophe, we do still possess the capacity to change the way this decade ends, we have the power to end the extinction event, but we have to act.
University: University of Winchester
Course: MA Liberal Arts
Partnered with: