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For Good

Conceptualisation of the Balfour Declaration

Student: George Haytham
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Conceptualisation of the Balfour Declaration
Dissertation category: Equality & inclusion
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: The dissertation will examine the notions of the Balfour Declaration in three moments of history to renew the debate on the inaliable right of freedom
Detailed summary: Palestine is one of the few occupied territories left in the World and remains so due to ignorance surrounding the subject. My dissertation will examine the responses on both sides to the Balfour Declaration which committed the United Kingdom to the creation of an Israeli state in 1917, its fifty-year anniversary in 1968, and finally, its centenary in 2017. Sources include Matzpen and Haaretz.
University: University of Winchester
Course: History
Partnered with: Available to partner