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For Good

Time of use tariffs and smart metering

Student: Joanna Leigh
Status: Completed
Dissertation: Time of use tariffs and smart metering
Dissertation category: Energy
Dissertation theme: Energy metering in Islington Borough Council
Short summary: Joanna worked with the SHAW team to investigate their constituents' views of the metering options available to them. This led to the SHAW team re-evaluating their approach to communications and implementation of Time of Use tariffs and smart metering.
Detailed summary: Joanna was able to gather information through surveys from the Islington Borough residents to investigate their views of time of use tariffs and smart metering. Her research and findings helped the SHAW team to re-plan their communications and implementation of the new technologies to be more in line with their constituents' points of view on the matter. John Kolm-Murray, SHAW Coordinator, said that it allowed them to investigate an area that they otherwise would not have had capacity to look at. Joanna, Geography student at Bristol University, said that it was satisfying to know that her work was for a specific purpose. It also shows potential employers that she has been proactive in her work and that she has a genuine interest and passion about the field. Read more here.
University: University of Bristol
Course: Geography
Partnered with: Seasonal Health & Affordable Warmth Team, Islington Borough Council