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For Good

Inclusion in education from a philosophical perspective

Student: Georgia
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Inclusion in education from a philosophical perspective
Dissertation category: Education
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: I would like to discuss the impact of the new laws surrounding sex and relationships education which come into effect in September 2020, I would like to think about this from a philosophical perspective and look at a school setting as a microcosm of society. This would then be analysed through looking at philosophies of ancient philosophers and modern philosophies.
Detailed summary: I am interested in the construct of education, both academic and in terms of life long learning. Education is a subject everyone has experience of and holds an opinion about. I am interested in applying philosophy which may not be directly linked to education but to society instead and to look at education through the eyes of philosophers such as Bentham, Kant, Rousseau and Marx.
University: University of Warwick
Course: Philosophy of Education MA
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