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For Good

Nutrition, health and the environment

Student: Verity
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Nutrition, health and the environment
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: I am a student about to start a masters degree in clinical and public health nutrition at University College London. I am keen to embark on a research project related to my interest in how nutrition, our health and the environment are interlinked. This includes topics such as food trends, food policy and sustainability, and the obesogenic environment.
Detailed summary: Public health nutrition is of great interest to me, because of how important it is in on an individual and societal level. I am keen to explore more about how our nutritional choices impact our health and the environment around us. I am also fascinated by how, in turn, our environment leads to our nutritional choices, hence the prevalence of obesity globally. A project related to investigating food choices and environmental stability, societal food trends, or obesity would be ideal.
University: University College London
Course: MSc Clinical and Public Health Nutrition
Partnered with: