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Rehabilitation of prisoners serving IPP sentences

Student: Daisy
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Rehabilitation of prisoners serving IPP sentences
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: During my MSc Applied Criminology I conducted primary qualitative research with a sample of indeterminately sentenced prisoners, known as 'IPPs' (Imprisoned for Public Protection) in order to document how and if they experience a rehabilitative environment within the study prison; what can be done in the 'meantime' whilst they wait 'aimlessly' for parole hearings and/or release indefinately and to build a profile of their realities to aid in campaigns and awareness.
Detailed summary: 'It is expected this research will contribute an intimate perspective to the current knowledge and plans surrounding the rehabilitation of prisoners currently serving IPP sentences and those who are serving sentences on licence. The researcher has spent a considerable amount of time with the participants of this research, which instigated the initial thoughts and realisation that, from a practical perspective there is work that can be achieved with IPP prisoners despite heightened pressure on resources available in prisons. This research seeks to take further the findings of MSc study, to identify how rehabilitation can be implemented via the application of understanding; research informed recommendations and persistence, regardless of the ‘more complex and bitty legislation of a system so squeezed of resources that sentencers and the public are unlikely to gain any greater confidence in effectiveness of sentences’ (Padfield, 2011:17).
Course: Criminology Research PhD
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