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For Good

Researching extent ESD has been embedded into curriculum at UEA

Student: Kieya Arshia
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Researching extent ESD has been embedded into curriculum at UEA
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: Enthusiastic and driven individual who is very passionate towards progressing the Sustainable Development Goals. I am very much in various activities that promotes sustainability and implement real solutions to real world problems. Actively involved in developing social enterprises within the local community that focuses on tackling SDGs and improving lives. I strongly believe that engagement and communication plays key role in fostering more sustainable livelihoods.
Detailed summary: I am planning on conducting research on a few schools within UEA to see the extent ESD has been embedded within the curricula. The aim is to see how aware educators are on the topic of ESD and whether they deem it important to include it in their curricula. Adding on, I want to know more about the barriers on embedding ESD into the curriculum. A survey will also be handed to students to get an overview of their perspective towards the extent ESD has been implemented by their school. Semi structured interviews will be taken of Teaching Coordinators of the different schools and I will cross tabulate their responses to the responses from the survey given to students.
University: University of East Anglia
Course: Environmental Sciences
Partnered with: