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For Good

Sustainability / climate refugees / sustainable consumption

Student: Jessica
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Sustainability / climate refugees / sustainable consumption
Dissertation category: Any
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: I am an ambitious and conscientious graduate with a first-class honours degree in International Development, and am now looking for an exciting dissertation placement to complete my research master in Sustainable Futures. I am looking for an organisation where I can engage my research skills, and gain further knowledge of International and Sustainable Development in a fast-paced environment. My main research interests are environmental sustainability and sustainable consumption.
Detailed summary: During an internship at the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Dublin, I conducted research into data availability for the UN Sustainable Development Goals on which I wrote my MA thesis. The internship enabled me to collect national environmental data for the UN Agenda, and organise meetings with relevant (non)-governmental organisations and stakeholders in Ireland to discuss the future of data for the UN “Data Revolution”. Finally, my thesis research project was submitted to the Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland 2017 in the category “Research & Development”, for which I gained a nomination and achieved a finalist position. In 2017-2018, I interned for the Schumacher institute, where I researched the potential to address problems of environmental unsustainability through sustainable consumption initiatives. Since then, I have mainly focused my research in this area, and I am very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with an organisation and help them with a research project.
University: University of Bristol
Course: Sustainable Futures
Partnered with: