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For Good

Sustainable Construction/ Decarbonising Railways

Student: Suzanne
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: Sustainable Construction/ Decarbonising Railways
Dissertation category: Buildings & construction
Dissertation theme:
Short summary: I'm interested in two areas for my dissertation: 1. SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION. Particularly interested in the use of straw, or other plant-based materials that could be used in new-build commercial construction. Also interested in eco-retrofit projects, overcoming particular challenges around heritage assets, moisture and reducing embodied energy of projects. 2. DECARBONISING RAILWAYS. Interested in off-grid renewable energy generation to power existing railways (or to bring back disused lines)
Detailed summary: Very happy to take either direction of research. I'm keen to undertake applied research, either through quantitative data collection (measurements) and analysis, or surveys/qualitative interviews. I am based in London but would be flexible to travel in the UK (but would need to base this around a 4-day working week).
University: University of East London
Course: MSc Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment
Partnered with: