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For Good

TBC – Climate change and mental health

Student: Izzy Farrer
Status: Available to partner with
Dissertation: TBC – Climate change and mental health
Dissertation category: Health & wellbeing
Dissertation theme: How climate change impacts on mental health and wellbeing
Short summary:
Detailed summary: I would like to research how climate change may impact upon the general populations mental health and wellbeing. I would like to focus this research on the UK. This could possibly be relating to students (such as myself) who learn specifically about the negatives of climate change and may therefore be effected by a 'climate depression' or feelings of hopelessness. I would also like to find out how this may effect the general population - for example have we seen more suicides with an increase in temperature in the UK? Does it affect a specific population such as farmers, or climate scientists?
University: Keele University
Course: Environment and Sustainability (BSc)
Partnered with: Available to partner